About Us

The history.

AL-CO was co-founded by Mouratidis Alexandros and Tsamos Konstantinos in 1972.

Today the administration is being runned by the second generation, remaining always faithful to the philosophy and vision of its founders.

The main activity of the company is the processing, standardization and distribution of spices and confectionary raw materials.


AL-CO SA is a special partner of many big and small industries in Greece.

Now the company has 50 employees and there are 2 branches: trading and production.

The first branch is trading about 6000-6500 products and its main activity is the distribution of packaged food, refreshments, detergent, cosmetics, stationery and plastic products.

The production department includes 600 products and its main activities are importing, processing and standardization of dried fruits, confectionary raw materials, herbs and religious products.

Our company imports raw materials from countries all over the world such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Sri Lanka, Japan, India and Germany.

Our clients are our friends.

The business success of AL-CO is due to all of you, that  show  preference to our products.

The focus on serving the customer’s needs is the central axis, on which AL-CO operates. The company’s goal is to provide quality products and services in the shortest possible time.

Our company serves a wide range of customers such as supermarket chains, HO.RE.CA. stores, butchers, small grocery stores as well as various professionals due to our wide variety of products.

Our customers are distributed throughout the prefectures of Northern Greece as well as in the prefectures of Lesvos, Corfu, Chios through special associates. At the same time, a significant part of our products travels to foreign markets in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Belgium as well as in the Balkan countries.

Within the framework of our philosophy, we support the Greek Producer by buying a large number of Greek products , highlighting their quality both internally and abroad.

Many of the herbs are grown on privately-owned land, with the most up-to-date mechanical equipment.

Our company maintains  HACCP and ISO 9001 hygiene and quality assurance system.

Facilities – Equipment

We are located in an area of 10.000 sq. based in Lagkadas, Thessaloniki. There lies the building infrastructure to accommodate the machines for the processing of herbs, spices and tea but also to store adequately all the products that are processed,  traded and distributed by our company.

The company has placed great emphasis on training, development and development of the human resources, which with the constant upgrading of the mechanical equipment is able to offer the best possible quality of products and services in the shortest possible time.

In the production area there are 35 machines, from which 17 are for spice processing, 7 for nut-processing and 11 for nuts and spices standardization. There are also 2 ovens and 6 maintenance chambers.

Our sophisticated equipment enables us to provide to our customers , both domestic and foreign,  services such as  private labeling for their products, , expanding our service and collaboration capabilities.

Our company owns a fleet of vehicles that counts over 25 trucks allowing us to arrive quickly and efficiently and transporting the products in the most secure way even in the most remote locations.